Work Packages

Delivery of the F³ Factory paradigm embraces 9 key work packages as shown in the diagram below. For a brief description of the objectives of each work packages click on the links below.

WP1 Project Management
WP1 encompasses the consortium's project management activities.

WP2 Production Scenarios
WP2 will determine the drivers for F³ Factory innovations and the technical and economic barriers of existing production technologies.

WP3 Integrated development and design methodologies
WP3 will develop tools and methodologies for the design of innovative flexible intensified production processes for operation in F³ Factory plants.

WP4 Plant operation
WP4 will develop engineering tools, methods and standardised solutions to enable the F³ Factory plant and processes to operate in an optimal manner.

WP5 Intensified chemical reactors
WP5 will develop and evaluate new intensified reactor concepts for integration into the F³ Factory Backbone Facility that deliver specific features required by the industrial demonstration processes.

WP6 Intensified downstream processes
WP6 will develop technical solutions for replacing traditional separation columns with F³ Factory Process Equipment Assemblies incorporating novel separation technologies.

WP7 Validation of F³ technology
WP7 will demonstrate that the F³ Factory concepts for process design and modular equipment selection are applicable to the range of processes operated by the industrial consortium partners.

WP8 Open Access Backbone Facility
WP8 will demonstrate the effectiveness of the F³ Factory concept by operating demonstration processes on an open access F³ Factory Backbone Facility at Chempark, Leverkusen.

WP9 Dissemination, training, eco-efficiency
WP9 will engage with European industry, academia and other stakeholders to enable a wider uptake of the F³ Factory concepts.